Our fleet at McMorrow Haulage has the latest modern trucks including Scania, Renault, Volvo, & Ivceo. All our drivers have years of experience in timber haulage and each have received the correct training and certification in crane operation & timber handling.

Some of our clients include SmartPly, Medite, ECC, Balcas and Murray Timber Products.

Our fleet has Bluetree R:COM Fleet Managament System installed in all our trucks & trailers which has allowed us to significantly reduce our fuel consumption by up to 20% and reduce operating costs.

We also provide a standard of specialized transport in the timber haulage sector with Low Pressure Ground Vehicles that reduces damage to roads when extracting timber. We have invested in a Central Tyre Inflation System (CTI) on some of our trucks.

All of our trucks & trailers have being recently installed with Continental ContiPressure Check System. It is a direct measurement system mounted inside the tyre. If the inflation pressure drops, the driver is informed which has greatly reduced damaged tyres and blowouts.

A Health & Safety review and plan is carried out on a site by site basis and the Health & Safety of all personnel is of paramount importance.